Pictures Of Home

by Cellar Door

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released March 20, 2013

All music and lyrics written and performed by Cellar Door.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Linus Corneliusson at Nearby Music Studio.
Cover art by Kasper Vikström.



all rights reserved


Cellar Door Sweden

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Track Name: Peasants
When we first meet our protagonist he is asleep.
Dreaming of nothing.
He thinks too much, he wants too much.

Later on he’s walking down streets, thinking;
“We need no state but a union, the absent leaders are at war with history and our freedom.”

They are all loving land of the free
They think of him as a traitor
Committing treason by dreams

As a traitor and godless he walks the streets

Our protagonist sleeps again
Self-destruction is his only way to salvation
A martyr for the working class

No more controlling
No more manipulation

As a traitor and godless he walks the streets

He’s still a peasant
We're all still peasants
Track Name: Afraid
We who strive towards freedom never come first
You who step forward with power never have the blame
Maybe I am the only one who can see
This torture that takes place
Make an end to misery, the sadness and the fear
So our lives won’t float away in this empty basket

Clarity is inside us all
To realize this we must sometimes fall
A forever long struggle that you bastards have created
We fight for our lives that soon will fade
Help us now before our time is up
A time bomb of malcontent, locked inside my chests

The ones with power will never be blamed
We get treated like rats, you should all be ashamed
But who will remember when our generation has past

Sometimes I look up to the stars and wonder
If there's another man starring back in to my eyes
If there's someone in the sky, why isn’t there a difference
Hard to believe in higher powers
When the powers on earth don't believe in me

I have held your hand and I’ve felt your shame
Your guidance will always lead me astray
Now I can see through the masks that hide your games
Soon you’ll see an economic change
The only thing you care about is the sale
Is this real or is this fake
Is there more beyond the veil
People suffer from hunger and thirst
But still the white will always move first

You people don’t feel any shame
I can’t understand a thing of this obscure game
You poison people with lies and deceit
You only see things subjectively
We are working ants, serving our queen
The obscenity is a hell
You don’t work for your wealth, but you still get more
A massive cash flow, through your golden door

People suffer from hunger and thirst
But how come the white always move first

Why are we afraid?

So now we pray, for tomorrow to be another day

Sometimes I look up to the stars and wonder
If there's another man starring back in to my eyes
If there's someone in the sky
Why isn’t there a difference
Hard to believe in higher powers
When the powers on earth don't believe
Track Name: Nostalgic Past
I am afraid of my nostalgic past
I am afraid of standing close to the rift again
The shimmering water in this gorge that separates you from me
This spectral abyss laughs at the fact that our distance makes me fall apart

Is it true that the northern lights only glimmer at night
Maybe if I hold on tight it will drag me into the night
I try to remember that our love is interminable

I often wonder
If my face is fading or if everything's darker now
Will I find out someday if my fear turns to the other side

When I'm stuck in this dark abyss
I try to remember the most beautiful word
Cellar door

I can easily handle the physical pain
But when you walk away
The pain within my chest sustains
Remember the time when you smelled that mystic sound
Of my heart's sudden stop
But you turned it around

I try to keep my head straight
So I can distinguish this spectral abyss from my life
Is it only I who can feel this mental strife

I feel so numb and incomplete
I am incomplete, without you.
Track Name: Pictures Of Home
This grey morning is bitter and hollow
The things they said; "it’s your duty to your country."
I dont even know why
So this morning I say goodbye

To my family my friends
My son you’ll be the man of the house now
My dear I promise I will come back

This is so hard to say
But I'm afraid that I have to clear my mind and walk away
Two hours ‘til the ship sails off
Drink after drink
The bourbon is bitter

In the taverns dark corner
I swallow my sadness and fear
Goodbye my darling I love you so
My son I will always be proud of you

In my dreams I can touch your skin
Feel your breath and see you smile
This is what makes me go on

This is what I value the most
My memories are only captured in my dreams
I'm not doing this for the flag
I'm doing this for you.

As I capture the image of faces
In this group of men who are forced to fight for their lives
Bomb shells and dust float through the air
I see a girl, maybe seven years old
I stare at her, she stares at me
We share a picture, a picture of home

So hear these stories of fear and horror
In the end I feel so damn hollow
For the people i've killed, women and children
I just want to die
I want to die

Please forgive me for my mistakes
I hope you know that I did this for you

Here I stand
Buried in shame
With my useless medals
I am not the one who should be blamed
Or am I?